Spring and winter activities

We take you on spectacular experiences in Arctic nature.


Ice fishing

Go with snowshoes or ride a snowmobile on one of our nearest lakes. In winter you can snowmobile or ski up the mountain for ice fishing. Kokelv has many kilometers of scooter trails that cross several good mountain lakes. We set up fishing tents and bring fishing equipment for a great day in nature.


Rent a fishing boat

If you want to take a trip out to the fjord, it is possible to rent a fishing boat. Life jackets and sea fishing rods are included in the rental price. Choose between daily rent or rent on a weekly basis!



This spring's most beautiful adventure in the north

Join spring's most beautiful and unforgettable adventure in the north, namely spring migration of reindeer from winter grazing to summer grazing on the coast. Follow the reindeer herd on the scooter together with the reindeer herders. There are often better conditions for driving the herd at night, when the frost creates a harder surface for the reindeer. When the afternoon sun turns the snow into slush, everyone takes a rest. You have your own guide who sets up the lavvo and makes sure you get the ultimate experience.

Price per person: NOK ????


Visit Revsneshamn on foot or by boat

At the far end of the municipality is the roadless but idyllic community Revsneshamn. Here are bunkers from World War II, which the Germans built and used during the war. We arrange walks and boat trips there.



A day with the reindeer herd

In the autumn, the reindeer are collected for marking and preparation for transport to the winter grazing area. Join in and experience this up close.