Summer and winter activities


The summer in Finnmark can be wonderful. A trip on the lake to catch some fish or experience the midnight sun is a good experience both for locals and for tourists who visit the region. Kokelv you have the opportunity to get close to nature and the people.


Meet the reindeer herd

Join and get a completely unique experience of marking and gathering the reindeer herd in the autumn. This takes place in the period between 10 and 20 September.





Trip to Revsnes

Refsneshamn is a settlement without a road connection. We arrange both walks and boat trips to Refsnes. On arrival, simple dinner is served.


Trip to Seterjord

Join us on a walk from Sjøhuset in Kokelv to the farm Seterjord and experience an authentic atmosphere on a farm with no road connection to the village.

More info to come!

Sauna or hot tub

After a mountain hike or a physical challenge, it may be nice to give your body a spa experience. You can choose between a sauna or hot tubs.