This agreement regulates the conditions for rental and sale of goods and services from Aurora Glamping and Destinasjon Kokelv. If conditions other than those set out in this agreement are to apply, these must, in order to be valid, be written down and attached as an appendix to this agreement.


These terms apply to the rental and sale of goods and services from Aurora Glamping to companies and consumers at . The terms, together with your order, will constitute an overall contractual basis for the purchase.

Definition of parties

Landlord or seller is:

Aurora Glamping
Kokelvdalveien 11
9715 Kokelv

Organization number: 923342028
Phone: +47 92879929
Email address:

and is hereinafter referred to as we, us, landlord or

Customer is:

The person who is stated as a tenant or buyer in the order, and is hereinafter referred to as the tenant, the customer, you, you, yours or yours. Rental objects include saunas, stamps, cabins, lavvo, boats and snowmobiles and everything else that is rented out at . With sales products sold online, the Right of Withdrawal Act applies, see details in section 12

The agreement is binding on both parties when the buyer has sent his order to the seller. Ordering takes place on the website . For the buyer, the order is binding and the terms are accepted when the order is executed and when the order is registered on the seller's server (computer). When the seller receives the buyer's order, the seller will confirm the order and automatically send a specified order confirmation to the buyer. The buyer is encouraged to read carefully through the order confirmation to ensure that it is in accordance with the order. If there is a discrepancy between the buyer's order and the seller's order confirmation, the buyer must notify the seller of the discrepancy as soon as possible and within 14 days.

Ordering and entering into an agreement

However, the agreement is not binding if there have been typing or typing errors in the offer from the seller in the order solution or in the buyer's order, and the other party realized or should have realized that such an error existed.

To complete a purchase, you must enter a valid mobile number and an e-mail address, so that we can manage your purchase, provide efficient customer service, and send you a receipt for the purchase.

Availability, payment and prices

All rentals and equipment are offered subject to availability. The tenant can not make a claim if the Landlord is not able to rent out the cabins and equipment during the desired rental period, quantity, quality, size etc.

The order can be paid in advance by bank or credit card. For companies with a lease agreement, it is also possible to pay in arrears through an invoice.

Payment by credit or debit card
When trading, the payment is processed by a payment intermediary, which offers a secure electronic payment solution for Visa and MasterCard. All card information is stored in accordance with the card companies' regulations. No information about the payment card will be stored in the online store.

The seller can demand payment for the item from the time it is sent from the seller to the buyer. The item is sent directly, provided that the means of payment is valid.

If the buyer uses a credit card or debit card when paying, the seller can reserve the purchase price on the card when ordering. The card will be charged the same day as the product is purchased. Aurora Glamping accepts the payment cards / methods that are described at all times in connection with purchases in the online store.

All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated. The total cost of the purchase will appear before booking and include all expenses associated with rent. If there have been errors with the prices of significant size from https ://'s page on the website, the landlord may unilaterally change, delete or reject an order even after the customer has received an order confirmation or similar. However, such errors must be corrected and informed to the customer within a reasonable time after the error is discovered.


Order confirmation / receipt for the order is normally sent to the stated e-mail address and / or telephone number within one hour after the payment transaction has been approved.

The buyer himself has the risk that correct and effective contact data is provided. If the confirmation is not received within the expected time, you are requested to examine the spam filter and / or contact Aurora Glamping at the email address or use other channels for support offered on our website.

The delivery takes place according to the method the customer has stated in the order. Delivery takes place the moment the buyer, or her representative, has taken over the rental units.

Information on benefits is given in the product description

The seller strives to provide the customer with as accurate information about our products as possible. However, the seller reserves the right to make typing / printing errors, which may mean that the seller can not deliver in accordance with information provided in the online store, marketing or otherwise. Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to cancel the buyer's order or part of it, if the product is unavailable.

Rental of products

Aurora Glamping offers rental cabins, lavvo and outdoor spa for rent.

Aurora Glamping is committed to delivering high quality rental properties in operational condition. We have our own routines that check and maintain the rental objects before and after rental.

During the rental period, the customer is responsible for any damage or loss to the equipment. Exemption from liability can occur if the damage or loss is due to technical errors or defects. The tenant is therefore obliged to check the rental object before use and contact Aurora Glamping if the rental object should not be in the expected condition.

The lessor's liability in the event of downtime / errors is limited to compensating the tenant with a loan of similar equipment during the period of time that must be assumed to have been lost to the tenant as a result of the outage / error. The landlord is not responsible for consequential damage or loss of income, damage to objects or damage the tenant inflicts on himself or others as a result of downtime / errors in the product. In the event of an emergency, the tenant is charged regardless of the reason for the shutdown.

Downtime and damage to rental property

All damage, technical faults or accidents that may occur during the rental period must be reported to Aurora Glamping immediately. We will then do our best to help the tenant. Damages are reported to immediately. This also applies to theft.

If the damage occurs due to incorrect use, intentionality or negligence, Aurora Glamping will be able to claim this cover from the customer. This also applies if the equipment is returned in the neglected or delivered dirty beyond the normal.

We always strive to provide the best advice and tips for the use of the rental object, but are not responsible for execution or for direct or indirect damage or loss due to the use of the rental object, delays or errors in the rental object.

During the rental period, the rental object is insured through Aurora Glamping. The insurance applies to rental equipment located in Norway. The insurance covers damage that occurs suddenly and unforeseen in accordance with conditions for fire, machinery, transport of goods (all hazards) and assembly insurance. The insurance has been extended to cover damage in the event of theft. The following safety regulations apply to the extension:

  1. Equipment with its own propulsion engine must be locked with an ignition lock (remove key) and, if possible, the cab must be locked.
  2. Machines with towbars must be locked with their own towbar.
  3. Other machines and equipment must be locked in a steel container or be chained with a padlock and chain so that the lock must be broken for the machines to be removed. This also applies to points 1 and 2 if separate safety regulations cannot be implemented. The locks must at least satisfy class 2, corresponding to the insurance companies' security requirements for burglary protection on construction sites (B2).

For damages covered by the insurance, the tenant must pay a deductible. The deductible is NOK 8,000. Excluded is equipment under NOK 15,000 in purchase price where the deductible is NOK. 5.000, -. Premium for insurance is charged to the tenant with 5% of the rental amount.

Insurance does not cover damage caused by improper use, negligence or negligence

Use of the rental property

Use of rental objects is at your own risk. The person using the equipment must be over 18 years old. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that equipment and accessories are used in such a way that it is not damaged or unreasonably soiled. Proper and safe use of the equipment is the tenant's responsibility. The Landlord facilitates the proper use of the equipment by making available operating instructions, instructions and safety procedures together with the tool and / or on Aurora Glamping's website. It is the customer's responsibility to familiarize themselves with Aurora Glamping's use and safety routines before using the equipment. It is the customer's responsibility that he or she gives access to the use has the necessary certificates.

Tenant's rights and obligations

The tenant must be 18 years of age and obliged to provide correct customer details when creating at . The landlord sends messages to the specified email, address and telephone and such messages are considered received and valid when sent to us.

The user account is personal and if you suspect that others have access to your account, you are obliged to notify us immediately. Rental products have the right to freely reject, terminate or suspend the user account without notice or liability, including if the terms are considered violated.

Furthermore, these terms must be accepted before ordering on the website.

The tenant must return the rental object before the agreed date and time expires and on the agreed delivery method. The tenant is expected to stay up to date on the landlord's opening hours.

Change or cancellation of order

To change orders, Aurora Glamping must be contacted. The changes will not be valid until they have been confirmed in writing by us. This is to ensure that the rental objects are actually vacant. Extension of the rental period can take place before the start of the rental period and / or during the rental period by changing the start or end of the rental.

Changes and cancellations of rental objects that result in the availability of the rental objects for other users may be associated with a change fee to cover the cost of rebooking.

Delivery and return of rental objects

Delivery and return takes place in the manner, at the place and at the time stated on the order confirmation. We are responsible for the products until they are taken over by you, ie when you have received the products in your possession.

If the delivery of the rental objects is delayed, we will give you information as soon as we know about it, together with information about and possibly when delivery can take place, or if the product (s) is sold out or the rental object (s) is not available.

The tenant / customer is responsible for the product until it is returned to us.

We check the condition and function of the rental objects and that all parts are present when they arrive at our warehouse. Upon complete delivery in contractual condition, the lease is terminated.

Seller's rights in the event of the buyer's default

If the buyer does not pay or fulfill the other obligations under the agreement or the law, and this is not due to the seller or conditions on the seller's part, the seller may, according to the rules in the Consumer Purchase Act chapter 9, withhold the item, demand fulfillment of the agreement, demand termination of the agreement and claim compensation from the buyer. The seller will also, depending on the circumstances, be able to claim interest in the event of late payment, collection fee and a reasonable fee for uncollected goods.

The seller can maintain the purchase and demand that the buyer pay the purchase price. If the item is not delivered, the seller loses his right if he waits unreasonably long to advance the claim.

Termination of the agreement
The seller may terminate the agreement if there is a material default or other material default on the part of the buyer. The seller can still not withdraw if the entire purchase price has been paid. If the seller sets a reasonable additional deadline for fulfillment and the buyer does not pay within this deadline, the seller can cancel the purchase.

Interest on late payment / collection fee
If the buyer does not pay the purchase price in accordance with the agreement, the seller can demand interest on the purchase price in accordance with the Late Payment Interest Act. In the event of non-payment, the claim can, after prior notice, be sent to the Buyer can then be held liable for fees under the Debt Collection Act.

Seller's responsibility

The online store will normally be available and function without errors or defects. The buyer's online store, however, depends on several systems to function optimally.

Online store, or certain features, may from time to time also be unavailable for example due to maintenance.

Aurora Glamping is not responsible for direct or indirect losses that the buyer or anyone else incurs in connection with use or that the online store can not be used as intended. Aurora Glamping may change the functionality of the online store or choose to stop offering it.

Buyer's responsibility

Buyer is responsible for providing correct information.

When paying by debit card or similar, the buyer is responsible for using a valid means of payment.

If the buyer materially violates these terms, Aurora Glamping may refuse to use its own sales channels.

Intellectual property rights

The content and service are protected by the Copyright Act. Images stored on the site have been obtained with the permission of the rights holders. Videos on youtube are links to third party service outside of Aurora Glamping's control.


Aurora Glamping processes your personal information in a secure data register in order to fulfill its obligations and safeguard its rights according to leases. The personal information that is processed is name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and order history. This history will remain stored for accounting and other obligations. Tenant has the right to have their personal information removed from Aurora Glamping's systems, which is done by personally contacting Aurora glamping

Aurora Glamping uses cookies, like most other online stores. Cookies store data in your browser so that the website will recognize you from page to page and visit to visit. We can then recognize who you are so that you can get the right prices and easier login, among other things. We also collect usage information to improve the quality of the service.

Disputes and conflict resolution

Complaints are addressed to the seller within a reasonable time. The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes amicably. If this does not succeed, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation. The Consumer Council is available on telephone 23 400 500 or via

Changes to terms and conditions

Aurora Glamping reserves the right to change or replace these terms at any time. If Aurora Glamping considers that the changes in the terms are significant in relation to the tenant's rights or obligations, the changes will be made available on 30 days before they take effect.

By using the service after the changes to the terms have been made available on, you agree to be bound by the updated terms. If you do not want to accept the new terms, you can not use Aurora Glamping.