Trips to Revsneshamn

Just before and just after the war, Revsnes was a vibrant settlement with a shop and fish reception. It became a strategic place for the Germans during World War II. They left many war memories out there.

Today there are five permanent residents and two of them are professional fishermen. Destination Kokelv can offer various trips there. When you arrive at Revsnes, you will be served a hot meal and a tour of Revsnes war memorial fort. Boat transport back to Kokelv harbor.


Trip plan from Kokelv to Revsneshamn

Here you can choose which scheme you want to get to the village without a road connection! Get in touch and book by phone (+47) 928 79 929

Duration 8 - 9 hours

Walk from Kokelv to Revsnes

Walk all the way from Kokelv to Revsnes. With a guide and suitable breaks, it takes about 5-6 hours in varied terrain. Transport back to Kokelv goes by boat. Minimum 4 and max 9. The boat takes back a maximum of 10 people including skipper.

Price: NOK 1800 per person

Duration 3 hours


Boat trip back and forth

Boat trip to Revsnes directly. We calculate about 30 minutes by boat from Kokelv harbor. You will be given a tour of the fort and a hot meal. This scheme is suitable for everyone. Minimum 4 people and max 9

Price: NOK 2200 per person


Glimpses from previous trips